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What Our Patients Have To Say...

From the "Top Thyroid Doctors in Michigan" website:

A reader writes:
"Dr. Fretz is an outstanding primary care doctor. She is thorough, spends a lot of time, and truly investigates autoimmune conditions, including hypothyroidism. She is not reluctant to make referrals and always follows through. When was the last time you got a personal call from your doctor? Last Friday for me. The best thing that Dr. Fretz does is coordinate care. She calls the specialists you see directly so you don't have to navigate your diagnosis on your own. Thank goodness for Dr. Fretz who now accepts even more insurances." (March 2009)

Lisa J of Lincoln Park, a very satisfied patient, wrote in to tell us:

"Dr. Fretz is the best physician I have ever dealt with. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and generous with her time, ensuring that I receive top notch treatment. Most of all, she truly cares about me and my health. She pays attention to my concerns and readily makes referrals when needed. When I take the time to reflect on the things in life I am grateful for, Dr. Fretz is always at the top of the list." (September 2009)

Scott S of the Downriver area, made this comment:

"I just wanted to thank Dr. Patterson for his accurate diagnosis and treatment. Please let him know that I am pain-free now. The pains that I had are completely gone--they went away about 10 days after completing the antibiotics. I appreciated the way that Dr. Patterson explained the potential causes of the pain and that he was very thorough during the exam. He also listened closely to what I had to say and the concerns that I had. Also please thank Dr. Patterson for calling me with regards to the PSA test results. He eased some of my worries by agreeing to have my PSA levels tested despite my age, but with regard to family history. (February 2010)

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